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Fees & Payments

For Self-Funding Patients


For patients funding their own care, the consultation fee are as follows:

    • Initial consultation                £200
    • Follow-up consultation        £120

Our commitment is to provide clear and transparent costs for your care. Mr. Belloso does not personally charge additional fees for procedures like nasal endoscopy, ear microsuction, or other in-clinic procedures. However, Beardwood Hospital may charge additional facility fees for procedures conducted during your consultation. These fees, set by the hospital, will be invoiced separately.

Common charges for procedures payable to the clinic include:

    • Nasal endoscopic examination        £82
    • Microsuction ears                               £73
    • Nasal septum cauterisation              £339

Should you have any queries regarding fees, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide a detailed quote.

*Fees are accurate as of the publication date of this page in February 2024



For patients with medical insurance


Mr. A Belloso is recognised and fee-assured by all major medical insurance providers.

If you have medical insurance, kindly contact your provider to obtain an authorisation number before scheduling a consultation. Depending on your policy terms, there may be an excess fee or a shortfall in reimbursement, which is the responsibility for the patient.

In the event that surgical treatment is deemed necessary, it is advisable to reconfirm with your insurer that the procedure is fully funded.